Latest Episodes

American Bridge is the largest research, video tracking and rapid response organization in Democratic politics. They find what Republicans are hiding and make sure voters hear about it. Sacha and Roger discuss how American Bridge tracks Republicans and what they do with the video or info when they find something; how, according to their polling, Trump is vulnerable with his own voters; their $50 million campaign to flip Trump voters in key swing states, and more.

Charlie Sykes is one of the most well-known Never Trump conservatives. Roger and Charlie discuss whether Charlie considers himself a Republican anymore; whether the conservative movement can survive Trump; the issues Democrats should run on in 2020 to persuade moderate voters; Wisconsin as the key swing state and more. 

Roger & Jane discuss how she organized rural conservatives in Nebraska to oppose the Keystone Pipeline (Rolling Stone magazine called her “The Keystone Killer”.) They also discuss how Democrats can persuade rural voters; her rise from progressiver organizer to Nebraska Democratic Party Chair; whether Dems can win in Nebraska in 2020 and more.

Bill and Roger discuss key things liberals might find surprising: that virtually everything Obama signed into law got Republican votes; the NRA donating to politicians is not the real source of their power; that the Democrats may be making a political mistake pursuing single payer healthcare, and more. 

Jason Marsden

Matthew Shepard was brutally murdered in a hate crime 21 years ago this October, in Laramie, Wyoming.  His death was a galvanizing moment for the LGBTQ community across the U.S.  Jason Marsden was a friend of Matthew’s and is now the Executive Director of the Matthew Shepard Foundation.

In this episode, Roger and Jason discuss the mission of the foundation; Jason’s decision to come out in the media right after Matthew was murdered; what it was like to be gay in red state Wyoming; Jason’s husband running for Mayor in Casper, Wyoming; the current LGBTQ community in Wyoming and more. 

Pam Keith, Florida Democratic Senate and Congressional Candidate. Former JAG and Attorney.

In this episode, Roger and Pam discuss Florida politics: why it is a red state at the moment, her idea for the Democrats to start a campaign to get people to move there for political reasons, the parts of her gun control and health care platform that appealed to Republicans and more.

Paul Chabot, President and CEO of Conservative Move

In this episode, Roger and Paul discuss Paul’s company Conservative Move, a Texas-based real estate company that helps conservatives move out of blue states and into red ones. They discuss why conservatives want to move, where they are moving to and which political issues are animating his clients.  They also discuss Paul’s past teenage drug abuse, his work in law enforcement & in the Clinton administration, and more.

Dean Ferguson, Executive Director, Democratic Party of Wyoming

The guest is Dean Ferguson, Executive Director, Democratic Party of Wyoming.  Former Executive Director, Idaho Democratic Party. 

In this episode, Roger and Dean discuss how few votes it takes to win a Senate election in Wyoming and the low cost to run a campaign there; the issues Democrats can run on in Wyoming to attract Republican votes; what happened when Obama held a rally in Boise, Idaho; how a fringe movement of people moving to Idaho helped Republicans, and more.

Matthew Dowd was Chief Strategist for the Bush-Cheney 2004 election campaign and held that same role for California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger in 2006.  He is now Chief Political Analyst for ABC News.

In this episode, Roger & Matthew discuss why he parted ways with Bush and supported Obama; strategies for Democrats/progressives to win in red states; Can Texas become a blue state; what campaigns would be like if the electoral college was abolished and we moved to a popular vote system…and more.