In an abbreviated 10 minute episode, host Roger King gives an overview of the CF podcast concept and how with just a bit of (literal) movement, liberals could turn more of the U.S. map blue.

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4 comments on “Intro Episode: This is Clusterfucked.

  1. James Dooley May 20, 2019

    Well done, Roger! Can’t wait to hear more.

  2. Warren Cosford May 21, 2019

    Hi Roger. Warren Cosford here. Enjoyed your Introductory Episode.

    A couple of observations…..
    As I think you know, some time ago, I ‘recruited’ Dave in WVA an Evangelical Christian Republican and Patrick in London ON an Evangelical Christian Conservative to join what I call The Political List. Both Dave and Patrick are retired from Radio. Dave owned a Station. Patrick was a Salesman/Copy Writer at many Southern Ontario Stations, including CHUM Toronto.

    Radio. That’s the one thing we have in common.

    Throughout the 2016 Election I had more faith that Trump might win than either Dave or Patrick did. The reason was, I spent some time with Union Members in Detroit who were Bernie Fans. They hated Hillary. For them, their 2nd Choice was Trump. Although they were unsure about him, Trump began to win them over when he came to Michigan and started sounding more like Bernie than Hillary did.

    Among Hillary’s Biggest Mistakes were…..she clearly resented that Bernie was not stepping aside as her fellow Democrats had. It was Hillary’s Turn dammit. What is Bernie doing here? He’s not even a Democrat!

    Put that together with the fact that Hillary and Her Handlers never took Trump seriously until he won….and you have one of the cleverest upsets in American Electoral History,

    Thank you Robert Mercer, Julian Assange, Vladimir Putin, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. Not necessarily in that order.

    Back to Dave and Patrick. As Evangelicals, they are ‘joined at the hip’. What I knew and even Dave and Patrick didn’t know was…..George W. Bush threw open ‘the doors’ in Baghdad to Franklin Graham and The Evangelicals. This was not reported to any serious degree in The MSM. Yet it was, without question, The Evangelicals and Bush disbanding The Iraqi Army without Jobs that led to the creation of ISIL/ISIS

    America was now in a Religious War in Iraq on One Front.
    The Other Front was in America with Gay Marriage.

    In my view, Obama made two serious errors in judgement.
    1) Not pulling The Evangelicals out of Iraq or even acknowledging they were there..
    2) Passing Gay Marriage. It’s, simply not a ‘Vote Getter’ for Democrats but it IS and WAS a ‘Call to Arms’ for Conservatives

    Dave and Patrick went NUTS! It was bad enough that a Black Man was President but….now THIS!

    My Gay Friends? Gee that’s nice. Maybe we’ll get around to getting married some time.
    In other words, The Anti Gays were more passionate than the Pro Gays.

    As I think you know, I have a friend, Saleem aka ‘Sam’ in Windsor. He was living in Baghdad when the U.S. invaded. He is also The Father of Ghaith Abdul ahad the multi-award winning Journalist. The Evangelical Angle is critical now. Trump and Putin are using Religion as many Powerful Leaders have over the years….keeping The Rabble in Line. It’s no accident that American Evangelicals and Russian Evangelicals are ‘making nice’.

    My friend ‘Sam’ left Baghdad for two reasons
    1) The Evangelicals told Sam’s Congregation they were there to ‘make Iraq a Christian Country’. That meant War of all Religions.
    2) ‘Sam’ would never be ‘Christian Enough’ for them.

    I wouldn’t recommend putting Sam on Your Podcast right now, but I would recommend speaking with him.
    I’d be happy to arrange that.

  3. Thierry Laflamme May 21, 2019

    Thanks for bringing a fresh perspective on that issue. That is food for thought. 🙂

  4. Carol Beavers Jun 27, 2019

    Well, you’re right of course but as someone who has lived in red states for the past 30 years I will tell you that it’s not easy to talk to red state residents. A case in point would be my farrier in a small town just outside of Houston. He believed that my POTUS was coming for his guns and that President Obama stole the Presidency both times. Both my husband and I stayed off any political talk when he came to do our horses’ feet. Why, because we needed him. We were realtors si we didn’t talk to anyone about any political subjects because we had to work. We live in a blue Island in a red state now which is more comfortable but the legislature and governor in Jefferson City are raping the residents. I can’t even imagine how to stop them. I need to be a listener to Clusterfucked for sure.