Amanda Litman, Executive Director of Run For Something

Amanda Litman is the Executive Director of Run For Something, which recruits and supports young progressives running for office at all levels across the U.S.  Roger and Amanda discuss how she went from being Hillary Clinton’s email Director (not those emails!) to launching Run For Something the day after Trump’s inauguration; how the organization finds candidates and decides which ones to endorse; successful candidates they have backed in red states, and more.

David Weissman was a right wing Republican and die-hard Trump supporter. A self-described troll, he was part of the MAGA army on social media and built up a Twitter following of over 100,000. A chance Twitter encounter with comedian Sarah Silverman got him rethinking his beliefs and eventually led to him regretting his support for Trump. David and Roger discuss his journey from the MAGA cult (as he calls it) to becoming a Democrat.